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Connected Underwear instead of a buzzkill in the bedroom

About 36 percent of 18- to 34-year-olds say that the excessive use of smartphones leads to relationship problems. Deutsche Telekom takes responsibility. They develop the Love Magenta Connected Underwear – intelligent underwear linked with an app – which temporarily silences the smartphone. The aim is to start a discussion and bring the focus back to the essentials: real connections and more time spent together.

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Winking instead of pointing fingers

Telekom acting as a love saver? An app, Bluetooth panties and a love coach unite for more togetherness? Curiosity attracts attention. Rather than pointing fingers and blaming others for excessive use of smartphones, Deutsche Telekom is sharing a cheeky wink with the world by launching the Love Magenta Connected Underwear.…which is surprising.

We decided to make use of this in our media approach. The german version of the headline “Connected Underwear instead of a Lovekiller” incorporates an ambiguous play on words regarding the term Lovekiller, which can be understood romantically as well as sexually depending on the interpretation. The headline aimed to arouse curiosity and draw attention to a dark side of excessive smartphone use: More and more young couples find mobile devices a disruptive factor negatively affecting their relationship. To make sure that the magenta underwear doesn’t fizzle out as an advertising stunt, we strengthen our focus on the problem. This is achieved by using the results of a Telekom survey and tips from couples counselor Eric Hegmann.

After a successful launch in October 2019, another campaign is started around Valentine’s Day 2020. For the day of love, we are positioning the Connected Underwear as the ultimate gift that allows couples to re-experience their connection. Thereby we support our client Telekom in the pursuit of strengthening the brand relationship with young couples. Since the media response was strong from the start, we flanked the mailing of the media information with paid collaborations and raffles.


Magenta Underwear shift media into love mode

Within the first 24 hours, the edition of Love Magenta Connected Underwear is sold out. More importantly, the issue of smartphones sabotaging romantic relationships is under discussion. More than 200 media report on Telekom’s “assistance,” including WDR aktuell, Pro7 Galileo, RTL Guten Morgen Deutschland as well as Die Zeit, FAZ and the Tagesspiegel. The positive media coverage gives hope that young couples will show more affection and give more attention to each other now that they have been reminded that life is meant to be shared.

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