More than 40,000 people want to drink water only for an entire week.

The movement for a healthy lifestyle.


Not all waters are the same!

Due to its fresh spring in a volcano mountain, Germany’s most popular mineral water naturally contains an abundance of minerals. And since the minerals calcium, magnesium, and hydrogen carbonate are well balanced, the water even tastes amazing. That’s what Gerolsteiner demonstrates in the print- and online-ads of its educational campaign. Our challenge lies within making the key message tangible and lifestyle-compatible – for young consumers especially.

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Why over 60,000 people applied for a week’s worth of water

At the beginning we asked ourselves: how can you excite young people about drinking mineral water? How can you encourage them to think about ingredients and nutrients? Furthermore, how can we incorporate Gerolsteiner into an urban lifestyle? How do we get millenials to post and share as many photos as possible on social media? And last but not least – how can we get people to physically notice what an important role minerals play in nutrition?

Our answer: developing not just a campaign but a movement dedicated to a healthier lifestyle. That’s why our idea – the Projekt: Wasserwoche – is a mix of testing one’s limits and competing in a drink-challenge. Those who choose to participate, pledge to abstain from coffee, ice-tea, or alcohol for an entire week while drinking mineral water only. As part of the challenge, each of the 3,000 participants receives a week’s worth of water supply – totaling in 18 liters of Gerolsteiner per person. With the supply of water, we hope to motivate, strengthen the feeling of belonging to a community, and create a moral pressure point as well as a quick, mental reminder. To introduce some fun into the challenge, we provide participants with a bounty of supportive material: information, tips for a healthy diet, and, last but not least, motivation and examples for workouts alike. In cooperation with nutritionists as well as food- and fitness blogger, we curate our very own recipes and recommend new exercise moves for everybody to try.

With the Projekt: Wasserwoche, we aim to achieve a strong involvement of participants, collect their impressions and experiences, and create content with a high shareability. We search for role models who embody a healthy lifestyle and to whom, most important of all, many can relate to. We work together with bloggers for whom exercise and a healthy diet are central themes. For the website, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram alike, we develop fun and inspiring content revolving around drinking mineral water. All along, we provide the appropriate tonality and visual language.

Communication Services and Industry Knowledge

What we are well-versed in

For Gerolsteiner, we developed a social media-, influencer- and PR-campaign starting with its initial conception until subsequent execution. And activated sponsoring events. We have provided similar services to brands such as Jägermeister and Converse.

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