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As one of the world’s largest exporters of agricultural products, Germany is one of the most important markets for the USA. The Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), the foreign trade agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), is responsible for the success in Europe along with marketing, events, trade agreements and much more.

Through this work, the USDA also supports small, aspiring producers from the agricultural and food sector in their efforts to enter a global market network. In addition, they unite the expertise of 70 cooperating partners. As a portal for trendsetters and innovators of new foods, the focus lies on the commitment to sustainable, innovative, high-quality products from small family farms. The USDA sponsorship is a seal of approval.

There are individual brands for individual product categories, such as California Wines or Alaska Seafood. What is missing is an overarching brand for all U.S. products. We are here to change that. The task includes the development of an umbrella brand strategy, the conceptualization and implementation of a PR and social media campaign as well as the design, programming and content creation for the website.

pr-und-influencer-relations-agentur-berlin-DelicioUS - The brand platform for U.S. Agriculture Products in Europe


United in Quality, unique in Design

In Europe, American products in the B2B sector are known for their quality and variety. However, consumers usually associate U.S. food with junk and fast food or genetically modified products. Therefore, our work began with the sharpening of the brand key. This led to our approach of creating a brand identity that explicitly emphasizes the quality aspect of the products in a manner that is easy for consumers to understand and has a high value of recognition.

A delicious matter even for us foodies. In order to ensure that it works across Europe, we involved as many country partners as possible in the brand and logo development, relying fully on their local intuition. Numerous feedback rounds with the countries, along with professional support from the Berlin design and web studio Upstruct, helped shape the design as objections were taken into account without losing sight of the clear brand profile. This is the only way to change the perception of consumers in a sustainable manner.

pr-und-influencer-relations-agentur-berlin-DelicioUS - The brand platform for U.S. Agriculture Products in Europe


DelicioUS! – the European brand for USDA

DelicioUS! is the official concept and trademark for FAS Europe, which functions as a brand for all products, ranging from fish from Alaska to wine from California or pistachios from New Mexico and Arizona – clearly united in origin and quality!

The first activities of the brand include the launch of the european brand platform as well as the social media profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram und Facebook. The launch is also accompanied by B2B PR.

The next step is for Prism, Bricole, Barcomis and 16 other Berlin restaurants to deliver U.S. food to Berlin foodies: together with Berlin Food Week, we initiated a pop-up pantry store at BIKINI BERLIN amidst the soft-lockdown, bringing caramelized Christmas granola, biscotti with cranberries and U.S. Beef Stew Grand Kentucky Style to consumers’ tables.

Communication Services and Industry Knowledge

Our fields of expertise

As the initiators of the Berlin Food Week (BFW), we know our way around international food products. Even though PR is our core business, the experts in our Strategy and Concept team can provide brands with strategic advice that goes beyond PR. Our colleagues have already developed communication strategies, brand keys or content and channel strategies for brands such as Blue Nun, Fissler, Gerolsteiner and Tchibo.

pr-und-influencer-relations-agentur-berlin-DelicioUS - The brand platform for U.S. Agriculture Products in Europe

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