Berlin Food Week: The most delicious week of the year.

Berlin turns into a food-capital.

Sommelier Jan Hugel inside the Food Clash Canteen.

Action kitchen: experiencing cooking firsthand.

The house of food in Kaufhaus Jahndorf.


To fill with life and filet

At the beginning there was only a name – and the idea to initiate a food week in the heart of Berlin. It was our job to develop a concept as diverse as a five-course-meal that could find its way into the streets. In our food laboratory, we collaborated a basic recipe for the event platform, seasoned the name with contents and heated up the brand. In addition to the conception, we were also responsible for graphics, program curation, the event itself, and communication.


Turning Berlin into the capital of foodies

When we started the concept for the Berlin Food Week in 2013, the Berlin food scene was beginning to heat up. The restaurant industry was becoming increasingly international, new hotspots opened on a weekly basis, and street food markets became a permanent fixture in the weekend lives of Berlin natives and tourists alike. Eating out became the new going out. But there was one thing still missing – a platform for innovative restaurants, creative food start-ups, and dedicated food-activists to meet and mingle. A stage for all the people who were passionate about nutrition and wanted to declare to the world: Come and eat in this city!

The goal of the Berlin food week was to demonstrate the overwhelming diversity of Berlin’s food scene in just one week. It was our responsibility to connect as many protagonists and activists as possible: star cooks, manufactures, street food cooks, food activists, and last but not least producers. Additionally, we also made it our mission to integrate sponsors such as Miele, Metro, Fissler, and Pilsner Urquell effectively.


The menu of the berlin food week

In the Food Clash Canteen, up to six well-renowned cooks serve a individually curated menu to 180 guests – for six nights in a row. Each night is inspired by a different theme with individual cooks creating courses for the final menu. The unique dinner is accompanied by German wine – selected and presented by hand-picked sommeliers.

At the House of Food, the Berlin Food Week gives 10 protagonists and activists alike the opportunity to showcase their talent and spoil visitors with signature dishes in the Restaurant Street. The Späti Deluxe is proudly the biggest of its kind – treating attendees to samples and high-quality products. Last but not least, the Aktionsküche enables curious guests to partake in workshops hosted by experts in the field about butter, pasta, and sausages.

With the Stadtmenü, the Berlin Food Week is not only present throughout the entire city, but invites Berlin natives and tourists to join: 50 restaurants interpret the theme “Krautwende” and offer guests their special menu for a week.

At the Berlin Food Night, five Berlin food-activists curate unique meals using nothing but kitchen scraps. Under the theme “Leftover Cookings” potato and onion peels as well as cheese curds and bone marrow are put to use in a sinfully delicious manner.

At the Food Porn Awards, mouthwatering food photography is being honored in various categories. The winner photos will subsequently be exhibited at the Berlin BASE_camp.

Across town, at the Miele Gallery location, advanced workshops teach new techniques and textures to create a one-of-a-kind dinner.

Partner events, like the Gastro-Gründerpreis, the B2B conference Next Generation Food, newcomer-event Adegga WineMarket, and the Food Blog Awards complete the eight-days long program.

Communication Services and INdustry Knowledge

What we are Well-versed in

For the Berlin Food Week, we developed contents and the program, initiated collaboration, guided media- as well as influencer-relations, and supervised live communication. Especially clients such as Fissler, Gerolsteiner, and Ramazzotti rely on our food expertise.

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