Our philosophy

Open-minded, professional, and independent

We love to explore technological innovations, test new tools, and familiarize ourselves with new channels even before they become mainstream. As such, we like to set an example – whether that be as the first PR agency to go online with their own website, the initialization of our social media channels, the transformation of our newsroom into an information hub, the production of videos, or monitoring. The fruits of our hard work are creative communication methods for our clients and efficient monitoring tools for our teams.

At work, we like to have fun, learn something, and make money. Teamwork should inspire and motivate. Thus, we are always looking for clients who respect and value the work of our teams.

It is our aim to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships – both in our personal and professional life. Our demeanor towards clients, partners, and employees alike is driven by transparency, honesty, and open-mindedness. We celebrate our successes and stand up for our mistakes.

In regards to pitches, we expect a professional and transparent selection process. Our requirements include a personal appointment to see if we “click”, a written briefing, a presentation fee and the opportunity to present our ideas to the actual decision makers.

Other than the traditional pitching process, we also know more efficient and rewarding ways to start an agency-customer relationship.



Suicide is the second most common cause of death among young adults. “Freunde fürs Leben” is the first and only continuous educational campaign about suicide in Germany. Since the organization’s founding in 2001 by Gerald Schömbs and Diana Doko, the initiative has been a inherent part of our agency.


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